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Computer and Internet Monitoring Programs

Spectorsoft Computer Monitoring Program

Some Screenshots of Spector Pro in Action

Spector Pro Installation Guide

WebWatcher Your Online Safety Chaperone

RealTime-Spy monitoring software

Spyagent – Powerful Computer Monitoring Program

Screenshots of SpyAgent’s Stealth Options

SpyBuddy Computer Monitoring Program

KeyGhost – The Hardware KeyLogger

SentryPC – The Future of Computer Monitoring

Review of the SentryPC Installation Steps

Net Nanny Computer Monitoring Program

eBlaster Makes Computer Monitoring as easy as checking your email

Screenshots of eBlaster’s Control Panel and Filtering Interface

KeyKey Monitor record everything typed on the computer

EmailSpy – Record Incoming and Outgoing Emails

Chat Example

Internet Statistics about Teens

FAQ’s about Computer Monitoring

A Few Good Reasons to Monitor Your Teenagers Computer

Reasons to Monitor a Computer – This one was a Close Call

More Reasons to use a Computer Monitoring Program – The Internet Predators Work Fast

Internet Predators are Very Persistent – Another Good Reason to Monitor Your Teenagers Computer

The Outside World Enters Easily Through Your Kids Computer

Good News and Bad News About MySpace and Kids

The Internet Predator Stereotype May Not be What We Thought it Was

Saving Reputations

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