KeyKey Monitor - Keystroke Monitoring


If you have children, and you would like to know what they are doing on the computer when you are not there to watch them. KeyKey Monitor will capture everything they type into the computer. After your child is finished playing with the computer, you can open KeyKey Monitor and see what they were typing.

Maybe they were chatting in a chat room with a perverted stranger. On the other hand, maybe they were looking at an offensive website. This is information you need to know to protect your child. You would be able to view the entire conversation between an Internet predator and your child if you had KeyKey Monitor running on your computer.

Your child may be afraid to tell you about this incident, but KeyKey Monitor will tell you. Then you can take action to make sure your child understands how to be safe on the Internet. You may be saying to yourself, my child already understands not to view adult material or talk to strangers that may be Internet Predators. However, kids love to do things they are not supposed to do if they think they can get away with it. It is better to be safe than sorry, and KeyKey Monitor can make certain you know what is going on when you are not around to watch them.

Record Everything Typed on the Computer

KeyKey is to your computer, what the black box is to an airplane. It records all keyboard activity at all times. Airplanes will not fly without a black box, and we believe no one should use a computer without a similar recording device. That is where KeyKey comes in. Who would not want a back-up recording device monitoring all of your computer activity? That way if you think someone is using your computer without your permission, you will be able to tell. Alternatively, if you think your kids were on the computer when they were not supposed to be, the black box will tell you when they were online and what they did when they were on the computer.

KeyKey is a key stroke recorder utility that can be used to capture and record everything typed into a computer. Along with the keystrokes, you can also record the task and windows captions at the time the key was pressed. Start up and shut down time of your computer can also be recorded.

KeyKey works in the background. It is able to record key strokes from Windows applications. Once installed, it will load and run automatically with Windows. KeyKey will capture and monitor everything typed into your computer.

KeyKey Monitor is a perfect solution for those wanting to see what is being typed on a computer. The cost of KeyKey Monitor is $49.95 and you can get more information at their website.

Special Features

Now, you know why you want to record keyboard activity. But why choose KeyKey?

KeyKey is one of the only products on the market that can record such complete details of keyboard activity..

KeyKey is able to record keystrokes from Windows applications as well as online programs

KeyKey can record start-up/shut down time of your computer.

KeyKey can record windows captions of programs used.

Password protection to access KeyKey for more security.

Auto flush feature at time interval you specified.

Record time stamp at time interval you specified.

KeyKey Monitor's main goal is to capture keystrokes and it does that very well. KeyKey monitor is a key stroke recorder program that can be used to monitor and record everything typed into a computer . It is another great tool you can use to keep your family safe on the Internet.