Spector Pro Easy Installation


Spector Pro is a computer monitoring program that exclusively allows you to monitor your kids Facebook activity. Did you know that Some kids have two Facebook accounts? They typically have one account for you to see and one for the rest of the world to see. Spector Pro will inform you of all of their Facebook activity including the accounts that they may be hiding from you.

The Spector Pro computer monitoring program is easy to install and will alert you to a potentially dangerous situation your child may inadvertently create with the Internet predators stalking in the Facebook community. It will not only monitor Facebook, but any of the other chat rooms and social networks that prevail on the Internet. This computer monitoring program is what you need to protect your children from the dangers that lurk on the Internet. Spector Pro makes it hard for them to hide any of their Internet activities from you. It also keeps track of the computer applications that they use so you will know if they are playing games or doing their homework.

The Online Safety Site has put together an example of what to expect when you install the Spector Pro computer monitoring solution. It's an easy installation don't worry. All you need is a few minutes alone with their computer and you will know everything they do on their computer.

How do you install Spector Software?

The first thing you may notice after you buy Spector Pro and download it is that your antivirus or spyware application will detect it as spyware. It detects the program as spyware becuase that is what it is. You will have to tell the program to exclude Spector Pro. You may have to check the help file of the particular program you are using to find out how to exclude a computer monitoring program. They all usually allow you to exclude a program from the scans.

Spector Pro gets detected as spyware

The next screenshot is typical of any software installation. The typical install will install all of the necessary features. So you would be quite safe just clicking Next.

Select the Standard or Advanced Spector Installation

The Spector installation options screen needs some observance. You will have to create a password. The password you create will be the one you will need to secretly run the Spector Pro program. You will also have to remember, or change the Hot Key sequence. We recommend changing the Hot Key sequence because the default sequence is readily available on the Internet for all to see. You will also need to select if you want them to know if they are being monitored. You can choose visible or stealth mode. You may want to consider the options carefully, it all depends on how discreetly you want to monitor their computer. If you choose the visible option, they will know that the computer is being monitored. If you choose the steath option, only you will know.

Select a Spector Pro Password and Hot Keys

The next screen will ask you if you want to remove the installation files. Yes is the recommended choice if you want to monitor the computer secretly.

Would you like to remove the Spector installation file?

Simple as that, the Spector Pro installation is complete. The computer may need a restart and once it restarts it will be monitored so you can see exactly what you kids are doing when they are on the Internet.

Whenever you want to see what your kids are chatting about on Facebook or anywhere on the Internet, all you have to do is press the Hot Keys you defined earlier to access the Spector Pro computer monitoring program.

Let your kids use the computer for a couple days. When you log into the Spector Pro computer monitoring program, you will know more than you ever wanted to know about your their Internet activity. See some screenshots of what you will see.