A Review of SentryPC Installation Options


Here is review of what to expect when you are setting up computer monitoring with SentryPCThere are a few issues you should be aware of when setting up SentryPC. The installation is an easy one.

The setup of SentryPC computer monitoring is uneventful until you get this next screen or something like it. Your Antivirus software or anti-Spyware program will detect SentryPC as Spyware because that is what it is. SentryPC is software that allows you to spy on a computer. The Antivirus or Spyware program is just doing its job. You need to tell it to exclude this file from future scans. With the antivirus suite I use, I can tell it to exclude SentryPC from future scans. Whatever program you may be using should allow you to do this also. You may need to check the help file of your particular program to see how to exclude SentryPC from future scans.

SentryPC is Detected as a Virus or Spyware

This is the first screen you will see when you start SentryPC. You need to set up an administrator password so only you can access the SentryPC computer monitoring program. Make it a password that nobody close to you would be able to guess easily.

Create a SentryPC Password

Then you will get the SentryPC initial setup walkthrough. The routine will let you configure how the SentryPC program will work for you.

SentryPC Initial Setup Walkthrough

The SentryPC Quick User Configuration is where you set the many user options that SentryPC has to offer. This is a great feature because it lets you configure multiple users on a shared computer. This is where you enable application filtering, website filtering and the chat programs you want to block. You can even limit the time a user has on the computer per week!

Quick User Configuration

SentryPC even allows you not to monitor a particular user. This feature is especially helpful if you share a computer with your family. You can choose to not monitor your account but add full monitoring to Juniors account.

SentryPC Monitors Particular Users

You can always go in to the SentryPC filtering options and configure them as you see fit as the following screens show.

SentryPC Filtering Options

Filtering Options Properties

You can add your own specific websites you want blocked. Alternatively, you can get SentryNet. SentryNet is a website filtering service, designed to work in conjunction with the SentryPC software, which will block thousands upon thousands of adult orientated pornographic websites from being viewed by users of your computer.

Choose Which Websites to Block

When they try to go to any of the websites you have blocked, Internet Explorer just simply closes. Unless you choose to alert them of their misuse then the following screen will pop up.

This Event has been Blocked Pop Up

The SentryPC options properties allow you to totally hide SentryPC from the user by running SentryPC in stealth mode.

SpyTech SentryPC Options Properties

You can tell them they are being monitored if you choose. Sometimes that is enough to keep them out of trouble.

Let Them Know They are Being Monitored

You can also have the SentryPC logs sent to you via email so you will not have to log on to the monitored computer when you want to view the log files. A very handy feature.

SentryPC allows you to email the monitoring logs

As you can see, SentryPC is a highly customizable computer monitoring solution. You can be as strict or as lenient as you need to be to keep your family safe online.

SentryPC is Highly Customizable

The SentryPC computer monitoring program is a very thorough monitoring solution. All of the options available with SentryPC may seem a little overwhelming but the program has a very intuitive interface that makes configuring SentryPC a snap. Once the setup of SentryPC is complete, you can rest assured that you will know everything you need to know about what they are doing on the computer at all times. SentryPC is the future of computer monitoring!

SentryPC enables you to control, restrict and monitor access and usage of your PC. You can control how long and when users are allowed to use the computer, prevent the use of specific programs, block access to certain websites, restrict access to Windows functions like Control Panel and more. This is the future of computer monitoring.

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