Internet Chat Example


Here is an example of a Chat Room that your kids could access in a matter of seconds. A simple search turned up a site that needed nothing but a nickname to get into. Do you really want your kids chatting in places like these? Watch it closely - there are at least three possible grooming attempts being made from what are probably Internet predators looking for kids just like yours. Realize that it took literally seconds to gain access to this room. Need any more reasons for a Computer monitoring program? Keep the kids safe when they are online! May take a few seconds to load.

That does not look like a very safe place for an unprotected kid to be alone in, does it? A computer monitoring or Internet blocking program is almost a must these days. Keep the kids safe online! Would you want them to be talking to this guy?

An Internet predator chatting with your family could very well look like this:

A Typical internet Predator